Chemeketa Storm Defeates Clark College 14:12 at Wallace Marine Park last weekend 5/10/18.

Full Article will be released by The Chemeketa Courier, more updates on that real soon.

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5/11/18—Finding My Path

Baseball gloves left to sit on top of the fence during a game at Wallace Marine Softball field.

Photography isn’t just a passion, but it’s what I do for a living. I’ve spent years struggling to find where I belong, and frankly, I never was successful at finding out who I want to become.

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5/4/18 — Leia

Leia staring out the window in anticipation for the moment to go wild.

Love is the strongest thing that can be achieved when you allow it. It can be simply loving your neighbor, your pet, or even your family. No matter what, holding someone close to you will enlighten your day.

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Tonight, a show located at Chemeketa’s Planetarium was featured during 7:30 until 8:30.



Went over to Focal Point over in Dallas, took this portrait shot while I tested out a sigma lens. Hopefully the lens arrives soon!


Sometimes litter is hidden in plain sight

When it comes to Chemeketa, I’ve noticed an abundance of litter scattered all over campus. Now, this isn’t necessarily terrible, but something needs to be done to ensure that our campus remains relatively clean.
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